DIY Tips for Home Decoration

You don’t need to be a professional interior designer or home improvement specialist in order to make your home pretty. With the internet as a main source of information these days, you can simply visit home designing blogs and borrow some ideas.

DIY Home DesignIf you are currently opting to add some decorations in your home, this post will surely help you. Here are some of the freshest tips on how to design a modern home that you can do by yourself:

Put art in the furniture: Are you itching to channel your creativity? If yes then you can start with the furniture. All you need to have are nonslip metal ruler and pieces of Sharpie. In the research throughout top luxury custom home builders Houston released recently, found that some homeowners are creatively designing their pillows using custom graphics. If your sofa or pillow in the living room looks dull, try to color them with graphic designs. Look for an easy pattern that you can imitate and start drawing, http://www.keechicreekbuilders.com.

Architecture addition: In a DIY home designing, there’s a thing called Ikea hacks. It means that you can salvage items from Ikea and transform it to beautify your home. You can glue trim board in your walls and start painting to your heart’s desire. If you need more trim boards, visit Ikea; no worries of the base paint because they are also primed.

Invest on galleries: If you are not talented in graphics and painting, you can simply get mats and print out images. The next thing to do is paste those printed images into the precut mats. If you are aiming for consistency and simplicity, choose black frames designed with white paper mats. You can also pick silver frames accessorized with linen mats. You can put as many frames as you like as long as there is cohesion in terms of aesthetic elements like design, color and etc.

Glamorizing open storage: One of the sins of most modern homeowners is leaving the open storage bare. If it annoys you to see an open space, you have the option to categorize things and put them in one place. One example is collecting all clear glasses and arranging them in a bare space. You can also play along with an object that is symbolic to you.

Maximize alcoves: If you have alcove inside the house designed with huge mirror, you can still do something creative with the place. Make it more functional by separating the niche into two. Put a small table in between and design it with giant flowers. Tall flowers or flowers heavy with branches will do. The stools no longer need to be uniformed; in fact, the more random the design of the stools in the table is the better.

Do not forget about the curtains

If you have a dining room that is 120 square foot in terms of size, you can complete its look by adding linens from Ikea. As much as possible, the color that you should pick is natural tone. Curtains may achieve their full effect when hung using brass jackets, brass rings and brass endcaps.