Commercial Carpet Cleaning in San Jose, CA That You Should be Familiar With

How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Works

carpet7Commercial carpet cleaning is different as compared to residential carpet cleaning. The methods and techniques that are used vary as well. There are some companies that will make use of an encapsulation machine while some may prefer a truck-mounted system. Commercial carpet cleaning in San Jose, CA will need more effort since there are a lot of dirt and stains that are caused by everyday traffic.

Commercial establishments that deal with high number of traffic such as restaurants and boutiques will need various pre treatments for their carpets in order to prepare the carpet for a more intense cleaning. There is a required amount of time needed for the cleaning solution to soak into the carpet before the cleaning can start.

One of the methods that are commonly used for commercial carpet cleaning in San Jose, CAis truck-mounted carpet cleaning system which makes use of high water pressure, high heat and strong vacuum, Another method involves an encapsulation machine that uses special chemicals to encapsulate the dirt and the machine utilize a heavy rotary brush that will scrub the chemical so that it will get deep into the carpet. After which, another vacuum is used to remove all the dirt that is encapsulated.

The cleaning method that will be sued for every establishment varies according to their needs. Usually, the encapsulation machine is best for businesses with high traffic areas while the truck mount is best suited for extractive extreme amount of water caused by a pipe leak and fresh spills and stains.

Commercial carpet cleaning in San Jose, CA is certainly not something that you can do by yourself. It is not something that janitors can do as well since they are not equipped with the right machines to take care of such job. There are a lot of companies that are offering carpet cleaning nowadays so you can easy find the one that will work best for your business. Compare the quotations that you can get from one company to another so that you can avail the best services from the money that you have spent.

After the cleaning, you can maintain the cleanliness of the carpets as your home decor by regular vacuum and using a high quality vacuum cleaner. You can also avoid stains and dirt by placing a doormat at the entrances of your business. If there are any spills, tend to it immediately so that it will not get stuck on the carpet and ruin its look.