Implementing Luxurious Designs in Your Bathroom

Incorporating Luxurious Bathroom Design

bathroomLuxurious bathrooms are no longer limited to the rich people. If you are building your own customized home, it is your chance to put in lavish designs. According to modern designers, luxurious bathroom designs are very common among modern homes.

Here is how you could channel luxurious feel into your bathroom:

(1) Staying away from the usual: Shower curtains are things from the past. If you are to design your bathroom with great functionality, ditch ratty curtains and replace them with glass screens. This type of screen is practical, elegant and easy to clean. Modern innovation is not only limited to the focal points; you can even design the toilet paper holder in a luxurious way by adding inlays of crystals or other shiny materials.

(2) Emulating the wateralls feel: Have you ever experienced bathing in a bathroom wherein you don’t want to stop anymore? If not then why not try the latest waterfall technology. You will surely love the outcome. To do this, you need to incorporate hydrotherapy element. When you have hydrotherapy walls in the bathroom, relaxing water spouts from different directions unto the person inside the shower.

If your area has no water restriction then you can install elephant spout type of faucets. These faucets will spout steady water stream which you could use for bathing. Clearly, this nature inspired bathroom showers will give you a one of a kind experience.

(3) Black is the new fashionable bathroom color: Traditionally, most taps are made of polished copper thus exuding chrome color or palette. Nowadays, the trend of black has arrived. Black is integrated into the bathroom in such a way that appeals subtly or softly. Aside from being aesthetically gentle, matt black taps are also highly resistant to fingerprints.

(4) Lights and sound in the bathroom: Most people love to sing inside the shower room. In a traditional bathroom, you can only sing acapella since you cannot put the stereo inside the shower. With the modern innovation of bathroom technology, interior designers have found a way to integrate wireless speakers inside the shower room. This is good news to music lovers because they can play their favorite tune while taking a relaxing shower. Also add some interesting home decoration in your bathroom.

To set the mood of your bathroom, LED technology is taking its stylish turn as well. Now, you can have lights in your showerheads, taps and etc. LED lights also change their color depending on the water temperature level.

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